Get help

Phil showing Keith how to use the NVDA screen reader on a Windows PC with a screen magnifier.

Need somebody to talk to?

Losing your sight is something that is hard to imagine, and affects people in very different ways. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody who has been there, and can understand because they’ve been there before you.

Sometimes we need to talk to somebody who understands where we can get more specialised help. There are times when being honest about how we feel is easier with a stranger than it is with somebody from your own family.

It may not even be your vision that is failing. Perhaps it is a friend or family member and you want to offer them the right kind of support?

If this is you, or somebody you know, we may be able to put you in touch with somebody that can help.

Need some helpful tools to make every day stuff easier?

The Eye Fund has been able to help people with lots of different gadgets like these:

  • Simple page sized magnifiers to help read mail or newspapers
  • Tiny alarms to tell you when your cup is full of tea
  • Really clever but simple to use labels that talk to you
  • Computer programmes that read the screen contents out to you
  • Or even computers themselves!

Get in touch with us if you would like our help and we will get back to you.