738 days later…

The website is back up and running. Finally!

When we moved the website off one server and aimed to put it onto another, we took the decision to tidy up a few things and do some maintenance. Then a pandemic happened… but The Eye Fund is back online.

My job got very demanding with building COVID-related services for HMRC and NHS, which left zero time for anything else.

But now, after lots of things have settled down and things are a bit less hectic, we have most of a website again.

It was built from scratch and then all of the old content was imported manually after it had been made as consistent and accessible as possible. There are still some gaps to fill, but I’ll get to those over the next few weeks; silently adding bits and pieces here and there, in the dead of night.

There are some new pages about Simon, and Simon on his travels. We have also added a lot more to the Links page as well, including information about how you can train yourself up to become a web accessibility professional. We hope to add lots more information to that page soon.

Another section in the works will help you get to grips with assistive technology. Maybe it’s new to you, or maybe you just want to know more about how it works so that you can be there for someone else. We will be covering the use of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice recognition on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Update from Carol Sherry

A lot of folks have been checking out the site since Phil set it up and have been helping out The Eye Fund in various ways.

We thought that an update on progress from the family would be appropriate.

  • The calendars are now selling really well, but there are still lots more to be sold. Are you sure you have made your order for some?
  • Groups of friends have been doing various things to help our fund-raising, not least Simon’s friends in Ipplepen in Devon, who not only raised an amazing £700 from a pub quiz, but have suggested doing the same next year.
  • The team of hairdressers I work with are doing a fund raising Saturday. All of the 12 staff will be working in pyjamas and collecting money and selling calendars.
  • Paul’s brother, Michael Sherry, is being given a donation of £750 from the drama group in Lutterworth. Michael designs and makes all of the scenery and props for them.
  • I could go on but I really mustn’t forget Simon’s nephews: Jacob (13), Jamie (11), and Ciaran (8), who personally raised £350 between them for “Uncle Simon’s” fund.
  • When we met Professor Bird and Andrew Webster at Moorfields Eye Hospital last week – where the very first “Simon’s” counsellor will work – we were gratified to realise that we nearly had enough for the first year’s counselling.

Please keep helping. Simon was such an amazing, brave and unique boy. We owe it to him to do him proud.

Thank you everyone.

Carol (Simon’s Mum)