Brilliant news — new counsellor

The trustees of The Eye Fund are pleased to announce that Joy Hawitt is now established as their new counsellor. Joy is a member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and will work within their guidelines to provide the best possible service. She is working closely with The Wirral Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted to provide much needed counselling sessions offering emotional support to those in need of help.

The Eye Fund has provided the necessary funds to support this service. Joy has already helped quite a few people who have needed her support.

Joy Hawitt - Counsellor for The Eye Fund.
Joy Hawitt – Counsellor for The Eye Fund.

The Filthy Hobbitses do Tough Mudders for The Eye Fund

And here it is! Your Filthy Hobbitses wearing their finishing headbands sipping a celebratory cocktail made by Eye Fund trustee Helen! Maybe not as filthy as they were at some parts of the course but I think you can tell from some of them that the ice cold water was still doing its job…

Well done Filthy Hobbitses! At the time of writing they’ve raised a MASSIVE £973 for The Eye Fund, we couldn’t be more proud!

Jacob and the Filthy Hobbitses after a fund raising Tough Mudder.
Jacob and the Filthy Hobbitses after a fund raising Tough Mudder.

Fantastic 6 months for The Eye Fund

What a great 6 months The Eye Fund has had. Money coming from everywhere.

It is great that so many people make time to enjoy themselves and at the same time raise funds for our charity.

Here are just some of the events that have taken place:

  • Race nights at Formby Social Club: £500
  • Race nights Ashville Lodge, WSBPS: £214
  • Race nights Commercial Traveller’s Lodge: £613
  • Luncheon Club Formby, Talk: £393
  • Helen’s Cocktail Parties: £385
  • Jewellery sales, Vocal Infinity choir: £484
  • Donation, Vocal infinity, their charity for the year: £1000
  • Gig for Simon: £1189
  • Gift Aid recipes: £987
  • Great Mogul Quizzes: £591

Let’s hope we can carry on like this so we can help even more people like Simon who are visually-impaired.

Thank you, everyone.

Poem for Simon by Ian Loughran

I remember Simon’s smile


Waiting in Skelhorne street station, you humming tracks from station to station.

As was your way.

Me humming tracks from No more heroes, as was my way.

Trying not to catch the eyes, of the hard ass guys.

The Skelhorne Scalies, they failed to score, and now want to make you sore.

To give meaning to their evening, as was their way.

Lucky the bus opens up, the last L3 from town to Crosby.

It went at 11.30, full of people quite squiffy.


You said your shoes were on fire, I called you a liar.

We both laugh till our sides ache, as was often our way.

We talk of music, of Zeppelin, the Velvets and of course Bowie.

As was our way.

Skelhorne Street Scalies, now far away, not that we cared, we always went our own way.


Susan Savage and the Amazingly Insane Mango Orchestra Featuring Hugo Ball in his paper suit and conical hat.

It was our band name, its 88 characters would fit in a tweet, but flyer printers did not find it neat.

We allowed no abbreviations, much to promoter consternations.


You once built a synthesiser from wire and glue, there was nothing you could not do,

if it was a thing you put your mind to.

Multi-talented was a perfect description, for someone building a synth in a kitchen.

We sent a tape to your cus Paul Mac, He sent encouraging words back.

Cheers Macca.


Bethesda Wales, where we last met, for chips and ales. And talked and talked of music and girls.

We laughed till our sides ached, as was our way.


Now you’re gone, what do I say? It’s the hardest part to write, to get it right.

Where do I start? Best to go straight from the heart.

I miss your big heart.

I miss your friendship.

I miss your talent.

I miss your SMILE,

and YOUR way.

You were one in a billion.

And still are to me.

© Ian Loughran 2017.

Fantastic donation by Vocal Infinity

Carol and Paul enjoyed a really successful and boozy cocktail party at Helen and Russell’s house.

It was attended by most of Vocal Infinity who presented The Eye Fund with an amazing cheque for £1000. The Eye Fund has been Vocal Infinity’s designated charity for the past year and this sum of money was beyond all expectation. The choir have sung and raised money in many other ways and we really do thank them for it.

Come and hear them sing at The Gig For Simon on 8th December at Studio 2, Liverpool.

A night at the Ashville Lodge races

What a great night we all had at Ashville Lodge, home of The Wirral Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted. Although there were only 35 ‘Punters’ (health and safety) we made over £428 between the two charities.

Thanks to all who attended and many thanks to the volunteers who did a remarkable job looking after the visually-impaired.

5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition — success

What a fantastic start we had to the art exhibition. Within 2 hours we had taken nearly £500. This will go a long way to help those losing their vision. We donated an Apple Watch, an Apple iPhone and Guide software for a computer. The recipients were so grateful. They all promised to do as much as they can to help raise funds for The Eye Fund.

The evening was made extra special with a set from Vocal Infinity. Thank you very much ladies. You were tremendous.

The exhibition, lasting a week, raised over £1400 for The Eye Fund. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Vocal Infinity and Jazzectomy in concert for The Eye Fund

Music for The Eyes

Do you enjoy live Music?

Do you want to be entertained uplifted and inspired in a unique venue?

Then St Peter’s Church in Chester on Saturday 6th May at 7:30pm is the place for you.

For one night only join VOCAL INFINITY and JAZZECTOMY at an evening concert to raise money for THE EYE FUND.

For tickets go to

Poster for Music for The Eyes, containing the same information as on this page.
Poster for Music for The Eyes, containing the same information as on this page.

5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition

The 5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition, featuring graphics by Simon Sherry, will be held in the Visitors Center, Birkenhead Park from Monday, 8th May to Sunday, 14th May. The doors will be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily. Admission is free.

The exhibition will be officially opened on Sunday, 7th May, by The Eye Fund Patron, Mike McCartney.

On sale will be copies of Simon’s unique graphics, either framed or just mounted. Also, using the same graphics, there will be on sale, jewellery, greetings cards, silk scarves etc.