Greasby Methodist concert and Christmas Fair

Our very good friends, Rod and Jean Sherratt, organised a concert at their church. The proceeds of £700 from the ticket sales went to The Eye Fund. Everyone who bought a ticket also brought along a tin of food for The Wirral Food Bank so lots of people benefited.

Rod and Jean worked tirelessly to make this possible. On the night of the concert Carol and Paul sold Eye Fund merchandise to the value of £325. (Amazing)

On the 8th December Carol and Paul joined church members at their Christmas fair and raised £106.

Grateful thanks to Rod and Jean.

Craft Fair in the Pavilion, Birkenhead Park

I think the people in Birkenhead must be getting fed up with us by now. Only kidding—they have been very generous.

This was a new craft fair that hadn’t been there before and we were offered a free table as we are a charity. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to get to know other stall-holders and raise even more for the charity.

It was over the 2 days but only from 11:00am to 3:00pm. We finished the weekend taking £225.00.

Collection at Central Station AND Christmas Fair at Ashville Lodge

We really had our work cut out that day. 10:00am we landed at Central Station in Liverpool, set up the banners, started to collect until 12:00 noon when our relief crew arrived. Then we dashed to Ashville Lodge in Birkenhead to take part in the Craft Fair.

We had arranged to set the stall up on Friday and for someone to attend the stall for us till we arrived at 12:30pm. By 4:00pm we had had enough and were glad to see other stalls packing up. Altogether it was a very successful day; £341.80 from Central Station and £221.50 from the craft fair.