5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition

The 5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition, featuring graphics by Simon Sherry, will be held in the Visitors Center, Birkenhead Park from Monday, 8th May to Sunday, 14th May. The doors will be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily. Admission is free.

The exhibition will be officially opened on Sunday, 7th May, by The Eye Fund Patron, Mike McCartney.

On sale will be copies of Simon’s unique graphics, either framed or just mounted. Also, using the same graphics, there will be on sale, jewellery, greetings cards, silk scarves etc.

Hull University chooses The Eye Fund

Poster about Hull University choosing The Eye Fund. Full text available on the page.
Poster about Hull University choosing The Eye Fund.

The Eye Fund is honoured and very proud to have been chosen as Hull University’s charity for this semester. The students are working hard to raise money for us. One of the students, Jacob Rowlands, Simon’s nephew, wrote the following words. They mean such a lot to the family.

The Eye Fund is a registered charity set up to support people losing their vision.

Since 2007 The Eye Fund has raised £95,000 funding two counsellors working out of St. Paul’s hospital and Ashville Lodge, dedicated to providing support for people in the process of losing their vision. Money also goes to providing much needed speciality equipment to any who are in need of their help.

The Eye Fund was launched in memory of Simon Sherry, son of Carol and Paul, the Eye Fund founders, who after developing retinal cone dystrophy was told he was losing his vision.

Simon was simply told he could be blind in the near future, handed a white stick and was escorted out of the facility. Graphic designer by trade, musician and black belt martial arts practitioner by pleasure, the news was incredibly hard to digest.

Simon died at 38 years old weighing only seven stone. With no support and no hope, he had given up on himself.

Carol and Paul Sherry, along with other family members who cared deeply for Simon, decided no other person should go through what Simon had to. They realised Simon was not alone in his experience, thousands of people were receiving no support upon learning their vision was failing. This had to change.

Quiz nights, gallery exhibitions of Simon’s incredible art work, race night, cocktail nights, and old fashioned bucket collecting, have contributed to Carol and Pauls dream becoming a reality.

Nice letter of thanks

Just made another donation to help towards funding your counselling service at St. Paul’s Eye Unit. Having just re-read your kind note of thanks for my other donations I realise that I may not have given you much information including a reason for the donations. I am a grateful beneficiary both of the counselling service and the patient care at St. Paul’s. Over the past five years I have had several successful interventions but also had to cope with a number of unexpected issues and a huge amount of anxiety.

The counselling sessions with Wendy Lee in 2014 made a dramatic difference to my experience. I did consider asking for more sessions earlier this year but on the day of my operation I found that just looking at your poster in the day ward was enough to keep me reasonably calm!

Warmest wishes for the future of the Eye Fund.


Great month of November

We have just had a fantastic month of November with money coming in from all sides.

We’ve had Sales, 3 Craft fairs, and a Race night all bringing in £660.49.

Then we have had various donations with another £406.36, and 8 monthly mandates with £62.50.

The total for the month is £1129.35. Thanks to everyone who bought, donated, helped in any way.

Wouldn’t it be great if that came in every month?